Salt, not Mrs. Dash

Father Jim had some neat insights last Sunday. In Christ’s time, salt was highly valued. Now days, it is just the opposite. But look at the properties it has. Used in the correct quantities, it brings out the best in what already exists. Too little and it has no effect. Too much and it ruins the natural flavor. How is my seasoning? Too little use of my gifts and there is no effect. Too much of me and the project is ruined. Just the right amount and I am not noticed, but my effect is there. That is my goal. Keep a keen ear to the Father’s promptings. Do what I am asked to do and move on. No more, no less. Just the right amount.
Bon Appetit


2 thoughts on “Salt, not Mrs. Dash

  1. For me, being salt is hard to do at times and remain humble, but that is my goal, to quietly flavor the world I am a apart of. T

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