An Amazing Day of Blessings

Wow! God is AWESOME!! We had some great networking today at Bobak’s with 18 Chambers of Commerce. I can’t tell you yet, but it is going to be amazing I think. The other thing that happened was a confirmation/fruition of something my husband and I had done 2 weeks ago. We followed our gut (Holy Spirit) to gift some friends a bit of money. Today we discovered that was the exact amount they needed to make up a shortfall in their finances. But when we gave them the money, they didn’t have the shortfall. Just today, they added it up and the amounts were within $3 of each other. OMG- God is AMAZING! How harmonious this world would function if all of us decided to follow our guts (Holy Spirit promptings) instead of following our own selfish agendas. I picture Him weaving this amazing tapestry of our lives all together, but we are underneath and all we see are the ugly, but functional knots, and up on top is this amazing blend of color and design. We will all get to see it from the top some day-He Promised.

An expert Linguist

God has an amazing ability to speak to me in just the language I understand. I know our WeightLoss program is divinely inspired as it is paralleling other aspects of my life. Finances for example. My husband and I have been in Phase 1 (financially speaking) for 23 1/2 years. We have just moved into Phase 2. Just like in our diet program, it can be freaky when thinking about being in Phase 2 with so many choices, finding security in the defined structure of Phase 1. Well, for 23 1/2 years we have had the defined structure of not being able to spend anything on anything- just being in survival mode- clawing our way out of the Pit (see previous post). Now that we have money coming in regularly we have to make choices. And it is a little scary. We don’t want to be irresponsible (gain more than 2 pounds) but definitely have issues, some long overdue, that need to be taken care of (lose more than 2 pounds). So I can relate to this struggle. And because I have been working on it regarding my eating, I am hoping that I can apply the same principles to our financial diet. Phase 2 eating is truly the ideal way to eat. Phase 3 eating where no foods are off limits should ideally consist of Phase 2 foods and occasional treats of sugar and starches. My ultimate goal is moving from Phase 2 financials into Phase 3 financials where anything is fair game, but we spending with a Phase 2 financial mentality. Day by day. I am a work in progress. So glad my Teacher speaks my dialect perfectly.

We are out of the Pit!

We have spent most of our marriage in the financial pit. Clawing our way up the sides, bracing ourselves to get higher and higher, then we slide back down. I’ve gotten used to the sensation of mud under my fingernails as we work our way up the sides. Well in the past 4 month, we’ve reached the top of the hole! Our elbows were resting on the top of the hole with our feet dangling down. Just waiting, not sure what for, just waiting. Today we climbed out! I was sitting at mass and I had this sensation of lifting one leg up and out, then rolling out. OUT! OUT OF THE PIT!! But this is a new sensation. Different. Before we were just surviving. Now we are living. Surviving, we had to make decisions with intensity and often didn’t have a lot of options. But now we have to plan better and think ahead and make responsible choices. But we are excited and welcome this change. God has surrounded us with resources to help us navigate the landscape to keep us from falling deep ever again. Uh, the fresh air is awesome and I think I am going for a manicure.

What a difference one second makes

My daughter moved quicker than the car in front of her as they were going to turn left at the stop light. She hit their hitch and slightly dented our car. No visible damage to their car, except the woman acted like the entire car was undriveable and called the police despite her husband’s more accommodating nature. My daughter was distraught as she was issued her first ticket. When she got home, as I hugged her I remembered the minor fender bender I was in and how I wished I could have turned back time and changed my behavior in that one second to avoid the situation totally. But not so. I pray that is something she will never forget and prevent a situation that could be much much worse.

That’s how mistakes are made, right? They happen and we wish we could turn back time. But it reminds me of a quote from the cartoon movie ROBOTS. When the family talks about inventing and Louis’ making a mistake with the peanut butter and jelly machine, they applaud his efforts as it explodes in his face. As he fails to understand why, they explain that we learn more from our mistakes than our successes. I have tried to incorporate this attitude. Instead of focusing on why the mistake happened, learn from it and move forward. Which is another quote from that same movie- “Keep Moving Forward.” Join me in the journey, won’t you?

Lost 1.8 pounds!

So I ate small and “obedient” to my bodies needs, while upping the exercise a bit to accommodate for my indulgence prior and lost 1.8 pounds when I got on the scale this morning! WooHoo! With all due respect to the Almighty, I liken our TeamDau Wellness Weight Loss program to God… It is just- if you cheat, you will not lose weight… But it is also forgiving and merciful- if you do cheat, you can get right back on track and immediately see positive! Thank you God for this program and the people it is helping!

No more quick fix

I did it. Made one good decision after another today. Praise God! I overate yesterday so I walked my dogs today and did my 1/2 walk, 1/2 jog thing PLUS I did the Power Plates workout! Then I had a small healthy lunch. Dinner was late and I DIDN’T pick and snack before dinner!! When I got full, I stopped eating! Then right before bed I resisted the temptation to snack when I wasn’t hungry. Thank you God! I can wake up tomorrow with no regrets. I am in this for the long haul. One good decision leads to another.

Sprint Bursts or Long Distance Endurance

I have realized that I have been living my life in short sprinting bursts. With money: Hold my breath, don’t spend a dime, then get a influx from tax returns or a gift and it is gone as quick as it comes in. Same goes for my food: Pig Out on my load days, then go totally strict for the next month. Well, now it is now time to go long for endurance. Making decisions slowly, consciously like running long distances. No more being all intense then totally no limits. I am in it for the long haul. And the more I practice, the better I will get. Wait a minute, that leaves room for mistakes and improvement. How cool is that?



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Proper perspective

We were one number away from winning $2,500 in a raffle last night. I was up most of the night replaying how it should have been different to allow us to win. I woke up exhausted this morning to news of the earthquake and tsunami in the Pacific. After my husband put the previous evening in perspective, how we actually had a 200% return on our investment even though we didn’t win the big prize and how we shouldn’t let an event that was basically chance out of our control consume any more of our brain energy, I was able to see how unimportant is was in light of people whose lives have been devastated by the natural disaster. It is all a matter of perspective. No events had changed, just the way I looked at it. Thanks again honey.

Walking to Jogging

I cannot believe that I actually jogged today! I walked a block, jogged a block, walked a block, jogged a block, walked a block, jogged a block, walked a block, jogged a block and walked home. Holy cow. And I wasn’t dying. I may even think about doing a 5K in the fall. OMG. I NEVER thought I would be doing that.

Lost 3.8 pounds!

So I followed my gut, did a Steak and apple day yesterday and lost 3.8 lbs!! I feel amazing! I ate in control today, but felt a little weird not doing major sacrificing things on Ash Wednesday. I didn’t eat meat, but I did have one of Rachel’s amazing red velvet cupcakes left over from her Face and Taste. I am done beating myself up. I am done. I feel so much of God’s mercy upon myself which in turn, allows me to feel mercy towards others. It is so freeing and life giving. Won a raffle for a free massage tomorrow. Very excited about that and may be a neat networking opportunity. I love learning new ways to get rid of the junk of the past, not bury it or act like it never happened, but process and get rid of it. aah, how freeing.