My Fat Tuesday isn’t going to be

So I am starting a day early on my Lenten journey. Not sure who will be reading this but I am giving some ground rules for me. These entries are a reflection time for me. If I feel led, I may be motivating, but the posts are for my reflection. I pray that the Spirit will use it as he sees fit to and maybe even cause a Mustard Bush to grow.
First, a confession. I have gain about 15 pounds back of the 90 I lost last year. whew. That feels good to say. It is not because the program doesn’t work. It is because I am a work in progress. So as of right now, I have ONLY lost 75 pounds. – Wow. Vicki, you are doing good. – Thanks.- I usually look at the negative and I am happy to say that I am 75 pounds lighter than this time last year.

Funny, this journey I am on; I was going to lose the bit I gained back during Lent, but when my son Caleb wanted to lose weight in January, I felt the Lord say, “Journey with Caleb, use Lent to get your Balance.” So, that is what I have done. Caleb lost 19 pounds and I am ready for balance. I am sick of the pendulum swing of Load Days and Strict Phase 1. I need the swinging to stop. Which leads me where I am today. It’s Fat Tuesday and I need to do a “Steak and Apple Day.” Quandary in the morning –steak and apple cause I need to, or pork out cause most others are? Enter my husband- “Vicki, which decision brings you more peace?” As I am answering him, I feel God saying, “Steak and apple today and use Lent to get your balance.”

So I am going to be dropping weight on Fat Tuesday. I’ll let you know how much tomorrow.


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