Sprint Bursts or Long Distance Endurance

I have realized that I have been living my life in short sprinting bursts. With money: Hold my breath, don’t spend a dime, then get a influx from tax returns or a gift and it is gone as quick as it comes in. Same goes for my food: Pig Out on my load days, then go totally strict for the next month. Well, now it is now time to go long for endurance. Making decisions slowly, consciously like running long distances. No more being all intense then totally no limits. I am in it for the long haul. And the more I practice, the better I will get. Wait a minute, that leaves room for mistakes and improvement. How cool is that?



Vicki and her husband Tom are founders of TeamDau Wellness, providing Health, Weight and Stress Solutions That Really Work.  Have you taken your Free Wellness Assessment Yet?


4 thoughts on “Sprint Bursts or Long Distance Endurance

  1. Stick with it; you have come so far. You looked great at Church, and it is not only because of your body on the outside but rather the smile we see coming from the inside One day at a time! Father Dennis’ homily spoke of the transgressions we make DAILY and how we are not to feel shamed or guilty, but to recognize the many setbacks as opportunities to assess, evaluate and keep moving forward.

    Sounds like your path is marked for long term success!

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