What a difference one second makes

My daughter moved quicker than the car in front of her as they were going to turn left at the stop light. She hit their hitch and slightly dented our car. No visible damage to their car, except the woman acted like the entire car was undriveable and called the police despite her husband’s more accommodating nature. My daughter was distraught as she was issued her first ticket. When she got home, as I hugged her I remembered the minor fender bender I was in and how I wished I could have turned back time and changed my behavior in that one second to avoid the situation totally. But not so. I pray that is something she will never forget and prevent a situation that could be much much worse.

That’s how mistakes are made, right? They happen and we wish we could turn back time. But it reminds me of a quote from the cartoon movie ROBOTS. When the family talks about inventing and Louis’ making a mistake with the peanut butter and jelly machine, they applaud his efforts as it explodes in his face. As he fails to understand why, they explain that we learn more from our mistakes than our successes. I have tried to incorporate this attitude. Instead of focusing on why the mistake happened, learn from it and move forward. Which is another quote from that same movie- “Keep Moving Forward.” Join me in the journey, won’t you?


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