We are out of the Pit!

We have spent most of our marriage in the financial pit. Clawing our way up the sides, bracing ourselves to get higher and higher, then we slide back down. I’ve gotten used to the sensation of mud under my fingernails as we work our way up the sides. Well in the past 4 month, we’ve reached the top of the hole! Our elbows were resting on the top of the hole with our feet dangling down. Just waiting, not sure what for, just waiting. Today we climbed out! I was sitting at mass and I had this sensation of lifting one leg up and out, then rolling out. OUT! OUT OF THE PIT!! But this is a new sensation. Different. Before we were just surviving. Now we are living. Surviving, we had to make decisions with intensity and often didn’t have a lot of options. But now we have to plan better and think ahead and make responsible choices. But we are excited and welcome this change. God has surrounded us with resources to help us navigate the landscape to keep us from falling deep ever again. Uh, the fresh air is awesome and I think I am going for a manicure.


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