An Amazing Day of Blessings

Wow! God is AWESOME!! We had some great networking today at Bobak’s with 18 Chambers of Commerce. I can’t tell you yet, but it is going to be amazing I think. The other thing that happened was a confirmation/fruition of something my husband and I had done 2 weeks ago. We followed our gut (Holy Spirit) to gift some friends a bit of money. Today we discovered that was the exact amount they needed to make up a shortfall in their finances. But when we gave them the money, they didn’t have the shortfall. Just today, they added it up and the amounts were within $3 of each other. OMG- God is AMAZING! How harmonious this world would function if all of us decided to follow our guts (Holy Spirit promptings) instead of following our own selfish agendas. I picture Him weaving this amazing tapestry of our lives all together, but we are underneath and all we see are the ugly, but functional knots, and up on top is this amazing blend of color and design. We will all get to see it from the top some day-He Promised.


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