Swimming in a pool of caramel

Interesting timing of when I last wrote. The day after my first Reiki session. It was Amazing. Wonderful. Peaceful. But I have heard negative things about it from authorities in the Catholic Church. So I have been swimming in sticky stuff for 9 days. Mostly confusion and fear. Confusion of how something that I felt so connected with God in my session, so peaceful, so loved- reaching a level not before reached for the first time in my life- that some in the church I love would say not to participate in it. So I researched it, multiple times, multiple sources and read extensively.

This is my assessment and conclusion: I feel there are alot of lack of understandings about “alternative medicine.” One argument states that it hasn’t been accepted by the scientific and medical communities. Well, if I took that theory, my whole life style would not be accepted then. As our weight loss program wouldn’t be either. Our homeopathic Hcg is criticized as being unscientific and lacking evidence of effectiveness. Tell that to our 260 members!

Another argument talks about the value of suffering and how we shouldn’t use this to eliminate pain and facilitate healing. Okay, then no one should take any pain medication or figure out why we have pain and try to heal it. I understand the difference between suffering and lack of peace. I have had suffering and peace. But the last 9 days, when I have questioned my Reiki session I have felt suffering and lack of peace. I use my body as a barometer. If I am struggling with food and lethargy I know I have a emotional issue to address. Well I just gained 5 pounds and that tells me that the confusion and lack of peace is not from God.

Another argument is there are dangers to our spiritual health. Now I am may not be quoting the exact Reiki language- but remember this is my blog and my language- but it deals with energy in our body and blocked energy flow and electrical frequencies- all of which God designed. Have you ever seen a glow around another human being? That is their energy. When I was in my session, I was very nervous, but prayed before I went it to have the Holy Spirit and the angels surround me and let me know if this was from God and if I should use this tool. I went to the Healing Triad in Bloomingdale, IL and they told me that they felt I had a grounded spirit and at the end of my session they sensed and angel folding its giant wings over me for protection. Interesting how my prayer manifested there and was reported by them without their prior knowledge of my prayer.

Another argument that I heard of the “problems” people have after a Reiki Session. In my experience, observation and research this is my opinion about that: I think those people who had “problems” reach a buried area of pain that they needed to look at, but because of it feeling different and uncomfortable, they felt they had “problems.” I am a firm believer in the idea that our physical, spiritual, emotional and mental states are interconnected. One of my favorite books is “Feelings Buried Alive Never Die” by Karol Truman. There is a chapter that itemizes buried emotional issues that may be causing certain physical conditions and I have found her to be right on on most occasions. I believe in this so strongly and see the correlation of “spiritual” people who are physical messes and wish they would look at the emotional root. It is not easy to do. I know. I have been there. I am still on that journey myself. But I wish my journey to be peaceful. Not necessarily without pain and suffering, but peaceful. And that peace has been lacking when I have been denying the positive benefits of my Reiki session. So I am climbing out of the sticky muck and showering. Literally.


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