Touched my Heart

My daughter was just in a fashion show for St. Matthew. She looked stunning. There was also another woman modeling that has lost almost 40 pounds on our program so far. She is kind and sweet and caring. She modeled three outfits and looked beautiful. At the very end, they brought all the models up together and she happened to be standing right in front of our table. She smiled, pointed at me and said, “I could never have done this if it wasn’t for you.” And then she was gone. I still have tears in my eyes when I think about it. That 10 second phrase will linger with me and fill my heart and keep me motivated when I am dragging. I pray that I can make someone feel that way. One person a day. That is what life is about.


One thought on “Touched my Heart

  1. I will be modeling on the 21st at 3pm for Christopher & Banks thanks to you. There is no longer anything that will fit me at Lane Bryant. You are an amazing woman, and good and faithful servant. I am so blessed to have you cycle in and out of the seasons of my life, never really gone just there waiting until God knows you are exactly what I needed.

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