Lost my respect for CBN

Well, I just heard them most uneducated, ridiculous report to date about the HCG diet. UGH! and from the 700 Club. Totally inaccurate and biased. Wow. My family sat there listening and shaking our heads. “What will they think of next?” was one reporter’s comment. “Making a body to a pregnant state is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Don’t do this. Just get back to the basics folks.” came out of the mouth of Pat Robertson. OMG- THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY UNEDUCATED AND STUPID. THEY OBVIOUSLY DON’T GET THE SCIENCE OF IT! Why isn’t the country doing what he claims to be the easy answer?? Why is 65% of adults overweight? and of those, 35% are obese? Robertson’s coancher told everyone to “just eat what God gave us out of the ground and be done with it.” If it was so easy lady, why isn’t everyone doing that? — Because there is a physical disfunction in the hypothalamus that needs to be corrected with the drops and we are also eating the good food that the Lord gave us. Oh that is so pathetic of a report, makes me question the credibility of all of their reporting. I am thinking the 700 club isn’t worth 2 cents!


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