No More Secrets

Today is my dad’s birthday. I sometimes get his birthday and my sister’s birthday mixed up. Hers is on the 12th and his is on the 13th. The sister I didn’t know I had until I was 27 years old. Secrets. I found out about her the same year I found the napkin from my parents wedding with the date February 1965 when I thought they had been married in ’64. More secrets. I for one am done with them. And with the damage they do. My body cannot handle them anymore. 19 years of pain and wondering is over. It is truly amazing to me how much my struggle with weight it tied in to my pain of abuse. I am so thankful for the resources the Lord has given me to process what I need to process- in Truth. Thankful that I am able to look at my body’s signs of what I need to take care of. What needs to be looked at and addressed. And it never stopped talking to me. And it got and louder and louder until I responded. It all makes sense now. The timing makes sense. Well I am in tune and motivated. And not in the mood for any secrets…Well maybe one, when my husband turns 50 next year. Shhh.