Transitioning from Phase One to Phase Two

After you’ve released fat in Phase One, it can be a relief or even scary to move into Phase Two. While the food choices may be greater, many of our members “freak out” a bit with their new freedom. “I don’t want to go back to my old habits, but I am afraid with all the food choices.” “I don’t want to put any of the weight back on! How do I eat now?”

Take a deep breath, smile and believe that this is another step on your journey to your ideal created weight.
Keep similar portions in Phase Two as you did in Phase One. Your plate should be filled similarly, but with a greater variety of food.
Make the recipes in our Fresh, Full & Free Cookbook but use the Phase Two modifications. Enjoy cheese, nuts, other meats and all the fruit and vegetable varieties.
Pay attention to your hunger and fullness. If you undereat at a meal, you will be hungry sooner than if you overate. By consuming the drops in Phase One, your hypothalamus is being reprogrammed to function normally allowing proper fat regulation. You eat fuel, you burn fuel.

-Use the Steak and Apple Tool if you gain more than 2 lbs of weight gain during Phase Two or Phase Three.  Refer to your Phase Two overview sheet that you got in your Packet.

You are on your way to making great choices for a lifetime of enjoying your ideal created weight.

Vicki Dau and her husband Tom started their TeamDau Wellness Weight Release Program in July of 2010. Based on the HCG Protocol of Dr. ATW Simeons, they have added tracking materials, a cookbook and support to help their members reach their ideal created weight and stay there. Their mission is to bring Hope and Truth to the frustrated and discouraged. More information can be found on their comprehensive website


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