Can Stress make you FAT?

You bet!  There are tons of the medically technical terms to explain why stress is a contributing factor in weight gain.  We have found that to be the case time after time with the members of our TeamDau Wellness Weight Release Program as well.  When we are under stress, especially day after day, our body produces cortisol which tends to deposit fat around the midsection.  But also under that stress the hypothalamus, diencephalon, or “fat regulator” seems to go out of whack.  You see, the hypothalamus is also in charge of the autonomic functions of the body like blood pressure and breathing.  Well, if our blood pressure is constantly elevated and breathing rapid, it seems to put excess stress on the gland and the first function that seems to go is the fat regulation.  It will take fat in, but not let it go. Hence, the locked away, stored fat. Most weight loss programs have you regulating food intake and exercising, which is great in theory, but they don’t address the defunked fat regulator, not fixing the root of the fat storage issue.  Dr. Simeon’s found the answer back in the 20’s and we are blessed to be experiencing the benefits of his work today in our Weight Release Program.   Our members release 1/2 lb. to 1 lb. of fat per day PLUS, because we are using the drops, gain the benefit of  reprogramming the hypothalamus to properly regulate the fat.  Energy in, energy out.  The way it was supposed to be, before all that darned stress. More on how to de-stress….next time.


Vicki Dau and her husband Tom started their TeamDau Wellness Weight Release Program in July of 2010.  With their Weight Release Program based on the HCG Protocol of Dr. ATW Simeons, they have added tracking materials, a cookbook and support to help their members reach their ideal created weight and stay there.  Their mission is to bring Hope and Truth to the frustrated and discouraged.  More information can be found on their comprehensive website  


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