Probiotic, big deal?

Why is a probiotic such a big deal in Phase One? Well, most members are releasing 1/2 lb. to 1 lb. of fat per day which translates into 2 to 4 sticks of butter per day, if you can visualize that. Toxins are stored in fat.  When we burn the abnormal, locked away fat, those toxins are released into our system.  Drinking plenty of water help flush out the toxins, but those that enter our digestive track need to be processed.  Toxins may be in the form of bad bacteria and we need good bacteria to fight the bad.  If the bad bacteria, or toxins are not combated in our gut, they can manifest into inflammation and disease like stomach ulcers, gastric cancer, candida, hormone disruption, chronic fatigue, and gastro-intestinal issues like constipation and diarrhea.  A certain virus in our gut has even been linked to obesity, turning normal cells into fat cells.   Like we need anymore of those to be multiplying.  Negative bacteria has long-term consequences and proper microbial balance is imperative.   Young Living’s Life 5 Probiotic contains 5 of the most health-promoting and viable probiotic strains ever combined in a single capsule.  Three are considered “super strains” for their ability to not only adhere and out colonize harmful bacteria in the intestines, but to also promote and improve the adherence of other friendly bacteria as well.  These “super strains” boost immunity, improve nutrient absorption and relieve bowel distress.  It is even safe for kids and proven that giving probiotic bacteria to children may actually help “prevent allergic disease.”  Give it a try for a month, and let us know how you feel.

Remedy for Great Gut Health!

Tom and Vicki Dau are the founders of TeamDau Wellness in business of “Busting the Barriers to Release your Potential.” 

Barriers may be manifesting as stress, weight gain, lack of quality sleep, low energy or pain.  Visit their Website or Contact them for more information.  630-745-1120


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