Respite for the Phase One slip ups

Not that I am saying you do.  But IF you have cheated on Phase One, you probably put back on the fat you worked so hard to burn, and probably put it on way quicker than it came back off.

We KNOW that Phase One is challenging.  Some people cheat, some people don’t.  Some people can resist temptation, some people can’t.  Some people have an accommodating schedule and some people have business luncheons and family parties and inflexible date books.  Up until now, we have likened this program to God:  forgiving and merciful but also just.  If you cheat, you may not release weight and may even gain, but if you get right back on the proven protocol, you immediately begin to release again.  Well, we still liken it to God, as we have been blessed with some tools that make mercy even more evident than before.

Enter Boresha.  Tom and I were introduced to these products a month ago and have been researching and experimenting on your behalf, as your beloved guinea pigs. These are the results we have found so far and are so excited, we have to share them!  In a nut shell, drinking a NuvoGene Tea by Boresha for each meal that I cheat, slows down weight gain, sometimes negates it and can even allow a little fat burning, even with a slip up, or conscious cheat.

I (Vicki) have been on the drops for the last month, my 7th or 8th cycle.  I did not cheat at all on my first cycle. Just once in my second cycle and I cannot tell you after that.  I can tell you that I have struggled this cycle.  Over and over, however, I started drinking a NuvoGene Tea when I cheated and some days, I ONLY gained a little, like .5 or 1lb, which I normally would have gained 4 lbs overnight. WOW.  I even had days that I still released weight even when I cheated a tiny bit. I also tried the Bskinny Latte and dropped 3 lbs overnight on day 32!  Which we know that after about 29 days, weight release slows down. I also discovered that I am drinking less diet pop as the NuvoGene Tea is tropical fruit flavored and very delicious.  And it is extending the weight release from my usual 28 days to 40!

So here is the TeamDau Wellness Phase One/Boresha protocol:  Take your drops every morning, but IF you cheat, not that I am advocating it or anything… drink a NuvoGene Tea, Bskinny Latte or Bskinny Coffee once or twice day.  Continue drinking your appropriate amount of water for Phase One. Do not take your drops after you have cheated. So you may only be taking drops once a day on days that you cheated.

Here’s the other thing that is wonderful.  The NuvoGene Tea targets the gene that is linked to obesity.  Remember that Dr. Simeon’s talked about obesity being an inherited disorder?  The NuvoGene Tea addresses and targets the root problem.  And we are burning the abnormal fat.

Why do we need Phase One at all then?  Because the hypothalamus needs to be reprogrammed!  Only the HCG drops and phase one protocol have been proven to do that.

If you would like to sample the NuvoGene Tea, come to our Busting the Weight Barrier Workshop next Tuesday.  To order directly, visit the website or call us with any questions.  630-745-1120.

Tom and Vicki Dau are the founders of TeamDau Wellness in business of “Busting the Barriers to Release your Potential.” 

Barriers may be manifesting as stress, weight gain, lack of quality sleep, low energy or pain?  Visit their Website or Contact them for more information.  630-745-1120


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  1. Yes, yes and YES! I like it most each time a blog I follow surprises me – you – which has a combination of writIng and content styles. It helps make posts more memorable and engaging.

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