Water, water, water

Make sure you are drinking the correct amount of water!  Not enough and your weight may stall or you may get more side effects.  Too much water and you are diluting your electrolytes and may cause muscle cramping or other serious problems.  You should be drinking half of your body weight in  ounces every single day.  As you release weight, you decrease your water.  So a 200 pound person needs to be drinking about 12.5  8-oz servings.

Some fellow TeamDau Wellness Weight Release members shared what methods work for them:

  • Drink water at room temperature- goes down fast and easy.
  • Drink water with a straw.  You get tons more kind of not realizing it.
  • Fill a gallon jug with the amount of water you need for the day and take it to work and fill your glass from it throughout the day.
  • Drink 2 8-oz servings before leaving the house. 2 on the way to work, 2 servings between arrival and lunch, 2 at lunch, etc.
  • Drink your portions by 7pm so you are not up all night.
  • Drink good quality water or your body may not be able to assimilate the hydrating effects of water.  Watch a video about a great system.  The system is also available in a sports bottle form.

Yes you will be going to bathroom frequently!  Every time you go, SMILE AND SAY:  “I’m peeing out the fat! I’m peeing out the fat!”  🙂 ( not loudly of course.)

Vicki Dau and her husband Tom started their TeamDau Wellness Weight Release Program in July of 2010.  Based on the HCG Protocol of Dr. ATW Simeons, they have added tracking materials, a cookbook and support to help their members reach their ideal created weight and stay there.  Their mission is to bring Hope and Truth to the frustrated and discouraged.  More information can be found on their comprehensive website  


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