Eat exactly what you want on Thanksgiving

Believe it or not, eating small portions of exactly what you want on Thanksgiving may actually be better for you in the long run than stuffing yourself of “healthy” alternatives while desiring what you are denying yourself.  If you choose not to have what you really would like,  you may eat and eat and eat, trying to satisfy yourself.  Instead, take tiny portions of exactly what you want and savor every bite.  Don’t go back for seconds either.  Put your fork down in between bites.  Pick your head up from the trough, I mean, plate.  Enjoy the company of those you are eating with.  Take a sip of water in between bites.  Really taste the food.  If you cannot taste the food anymore, that means you are full- STOP EATING. Try this.  If you are eating chocolate ice cream at the end of the meal and you are full, you will only taste the cold, not the chocolate.

Some more tips from our newsletter on handling the plentiful Thanksgiving weekend!

Tom and Vicki Dau are the founders of TeamDau Wellness, partners on the journey to optimal health.  Their family of 9 has been antibiotic free for 23 years and they collectively have dropped 240 pounds last year.  They wish to help you improve the quality of live especially in the areas of low energy, lack of quality sleep, pain or weight gain. Consider them “wellness brokers”  offering personalized protocols and support on the journey to optimal health.

Visit their Website or Contact them for more information.  630-745-1120


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