Surrender does not mean I am Powerless

I’ve been reflecting on the idea of being Poor in Spirit. It is surrendering my will to Him.
But that doesn’t mean I am powerless. It is taking the gifts He has given me and opening my hands and saying- Help me make the most of this that I can. I may be able to do good things, but He can do INCREDIBLE things. Grocery Bag

I am picturing myself accepting a brown bag at the grocery store that is filled to the top. I get home, unpack everything on the counter and thing of what I can do with everything there.

If I turn and look at the “MASTER CHEF,” He rubs His hands together, smiles and says, “Let’s try this…” His large frame towers behind me as He wraps His arms around my wounded frame and we together create this masterpiece. If I try to prematurely grab something that I think would be good, I sense Him gently smiling and shaking His head no. The more we work together, I begin to sense what ingredients He needs. I begin reaching for those and His eyes beam with love and pride that we are working in union. It is effortless, invigorating and fulfilling.

Have you had any experience when you surrendered to God’s guiding hand?


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