They cut down the burning bushes!

burning-bushI am a perennial gardener.  Not the best but pretty good.  One of my desires is to have a burning bush in my yard. But I feel the Lord is telling me to wait until we build our addition.  So I am waiting.  In the meantime, I get “burning-bush-envy” in the fall.  The amazing ruby vibrancy shines forth in the previous boring green leaves.

Well there is this one house a few blocks from our home that has a group of four burning bushes that I love to look at this time of year.  The landscaping needs a rescue but the beauty of that perennial can still be enjoyed.  Until today that is.  I just drove by and they were cut down!  Brutally hacked in an attempt to clean up that wasteland on the corner.

But it got me thinking.  The Burning Bushes didn’t need to be cut down.  Just the weeds around it needed to be removed, the ground expanded and edged underneath this quadruple of plant radiance.  It literally made me sick thinking such beauty was wasted in an attempt to start fixing up the property.

I think that happens with people too.  Instead of cutting away the parts around, we hack away at our core and leave the weeds, thinking that is what is needed.  But instead, all that remains is barren destruction.  So next time “yard work” needs to be done, let’s look past the jumble of long sprigs and envision how we can be by getting rid of the negative, distracting influences.  Trim off what doesn’t belong, not God’s original creation.


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