Fed a line of crap?

So I am in the process of discerning everything in my life, mostly my mental chatter, beliefs, as they shape everything.  I knew it, but understanding more and more how much impact what I believe affects my actions and attitudes, which then affects my behavior, which then affects events in my life.  I must say though that it is hard to basically challenge everything that I have believed in for my life.  But then it occurred to me today that maybe it wasn’t what I was fed, it was how I interpreted it?!  How can two people experience the same circumstance and come out of it with different perceptions of what happened?  Because of our frame of reference, the state in which we experience it, our beliefs and our focus.

I process well through writing, so that is how I am going to do this then as I have been spinning for a couple of days.  One of the things I wanted to do this Lent was to write and reflect each day.  So far, 7 days into Lent and this is my first day.  That’s okay, I am doing it now.  I am on the path of truth and healing and will keep moving that way until I get to my destination.  Would you like to come along?



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