Maybe some day…

I believe sexual abuse survivors are like a special needs population. It is just not as visual as someone who uses a wheel chair or crutches or hearing aid. But let me assure you, we are just as wounded, and some are incredibly crippled.

I have drawn a similarity with the special education classes that I have been substitute teaching in. In some classrooms, the students are severely disabled; in wheel chairs, not able to verbally communicate or feed themselves, but make no mistake, they understand and communicate, just not in the way that the “normal” students do. Another classroom has students who have severe behavioral issues and need one-on-one assistance. And some students have made such advancements that they can participate in regular classrooms, but still need to be pulled out throughout the day for specialized one-on-one attention.

One in four women is a sexual abuse survivor. 24% of the female population! It might do our society some good if there were some accommodations made. I remember a time when it was very difficult to get anywhere with a wheel chair. Now there are laws in place to allow handicap accessibility.

We can only hope.abuse photo


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