Already notice a difference

I posted yesterday about the realization that I had about the change I needed to make in my attitude towards God.  I do not believe he willed the abuse to happen, but I do believe he will make good out of everything and my life can be abundant and blessed.  Well, every morning, I do my “groovy thinkin'”, creating deeper grooves in my brain so my little brain cart takes the path I choose with my thoughts so I can have the outcome I dream of.  Yesterday, after my shift in my attitude, I noticed when I did my groovy thinkin’,  I didn’t feel an edge.  It was like the part of me that had a clenched jaw and firmly crossed arms when I was previously doing my groovy thinkin’ -was now gone.  No more edge or questioning or disbelief.  When I was saying the positive thoughts and beliefs, I actually felt hope!  Like all the things I was saying could really happen!





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