It only took 12 years

Yep, only 12 years.  And I finally LOVE MY HOUSE!  What’s the big deal you say?  Well I have been waiting to build an addition for 12 years.   Hating  just about every minute of living here.  7 kids, 2 dogs and a husband in a 2 bedroom house.  We bought it for the property.  Intending to build within 6 months.  Ha.  It’s been 12 years and still not having the money to build.  So I have lived here with gritted teeth. Calling it a “shoe box.”  Calling it “shining a terd” every time we tried to do something to make it more live-able.  But not doing too much.

My thoughts were deep in the groove of not wanting to paint because then we won’t get the addition.  Not wanting to set it up the best way because then I’ll be settling and never getting the addition.

But no more.  I’ve been creating new grooves in my brain.  New grooves that help me think thankful thoughts for what I have.  New grooves that help me find joy in the process and rest in the flow.

I spent the day fixing up the living room, dining room and kitchen after taking down the Christmas decorations.  Tweaking.  Making things the best they can be and LOVING IT!  I had candles going all day and my husband even commenting that I was smiling quite a bit.  And singing OUT LOUD as I was working and I NEVER do that.

Oh I still think the addition will come.  IF, that is the best thing for me.  IF that is a part of God’s plan of Sheer Goodness for me.  I am also creating that groove too-  Trusting in God’s plan of sheer goodness for me.

Wow, digging these new grooves is hard work.  But the payoff is GREAT!  My life and peace of mind is now going in the direction that I choose.  Because I am the one doing the digging.

Consistency and Commitment!  Until tomorrow…


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