Who’s got your ear?

So you have decided to dig some new grooves, but how do you know where to dig and what direction to go, who to listen to?  It’s got to be someone you trust, right?  And when you have had years of abuse, trust is not an easy thing.  You see other people succeed and living a life that you would like but how do you get there?  How do they do it?  So you try to do what they do but don’t have the same results as them.

That’s kind of been my problem.  I’ve listened to expert after expert on how to be “successful.”  How to develop a successful business.  But nothing has worked for me.  Nothing has been a good fit.  I’ve worked and worked, but I am not getting where I want to go.

I’ve dug the grooves, but I am not where I was hoping I would be.  I dug where other people told me to dig but I feel like I am going around an around in circles.  So now what?  I think I need to stop and rest and ask the Master what He recommends.

Now, HE is someone I can trust.  And that is a groove I am digging as deeply as I can.  “God has a plan of sheer goodness for me.”  “How can I trust even more God and His plan of sheer goodness for me?”

I guess I need to dig the grooves I know are good and then rest and wait until I have clear direction for what else.


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