I’ve been stingy

I was listening to a new movie called The Abundance Factor.

Lots of things got my attention.  One thing was a statement about being stingy.  If you are stingy, then expect stingy back.  And it made me reflect on ways that I have been stifled that have caused me to be stingy, with my attitude and with my time. Most of my activity revolves around my faith and church and it is very difficult when people in authority make decisions that I don’t agree with and that I think are wrong.  The attitude that I have taken is one of “brush off and screw you.”

And I realized today how stifling that has been for me.  It has killed my creative energies and enthusiasm.

And I decided today, that if I am stopped, I will discern if I am to proceed and if I am being led to continue in my path, I will merely choose a different path.  Much easier said than done I know, but being aware of it has been half of my battle.  The other half is deciding to keep going.


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