Dang It!

When I was at adoration on Tuesday, I read this reflection about water and had this amazing analogy and story come to my head that I thought would make a perfect blog post. But – again –  I didn’t take the time to write it!  I am so mad at myselfrustrationf!  God has made it clear to me that I need to do this regularly.  For whatever purpose He has, I am supposed to do it.  Again and again He has told me.  And I have yet to follow through.

Dang it!

Maybe this time I can stick with it.

After all, today will be the 354th day in a row that I have worked out for 30 minutes or more!

And writing is way less foreboding than some of the workouts I have done in the past almost-year.

Isn’t it?

Have you had anything that you know you should be doing regularly and can’t get in a groove to do it?


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