Truly powerful prayers

I mentioned a couple of days ago how powerful my husband’s prayers are.  Well today, I was the direct benefactor again.

We have an incredibly cruel, annoying neighbor two houses down.  He torments and taunts and antagonizes those around him.

Today was a beautiful day with the windows open and the fresh air and quiet peacefulness with only me in the house.  I sat down to pray and all of a sudden I hear music BLARING.  It was that guy, making his presence known as soon as our next door neighbor arrived home after dropping her kids off at school.  8am and the music is BLARING.  With tears in my eyes, I shut every window in the house and turned on music so I wouldn’t have to listen to his audio pollution.  I texted my husband my plight.

Within in 10 minutes, not kidding, 10 minutes, I noticed it was quiet.  I tentatively opened the windows and was able to enjoy my prayer time again!

I texted my hubby and asked him if he was praying.  “Like crazy” was his answer.

Well his prayers were answered- AGAIN!

Guys, your prayers are so powerful- please allow those you love to take advantage of your power in the hands of our loving Father.


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