Poor St. Anthony

I spent a few hours today with someone I believe is a religious addict.  If you are not familiar with that concept, I’ll make an analogy with a drug addict. I believe a drug addict is someone who uses drugs to escape their emotional pain.  So similarly, I believe a religious addict is someone who used religion to escape their emotional pain. And I mean religion-not faith-and there is a difference.

Parts of religion like praying the rosary, going to adoration, going to mass, saying prayers, and watching EWTN are not inherently bad, however when they are used to not face reality and they trump common sense, then I believe the person who is obsessed with the facets of religion becomes addicted to them.

So the person I was with today regularly wears two rosaries and is pretty much a “bull in a china shop.”  Items are frequently lost or misplaced and St. Anthony is prayed to “please some around because something is lost and needs to be found.”  (If you are Catholic, you probably have heard that prayer.)  Often times, he does come through and things that are lost are found.  However, today, we were still looking for a cell phone and the crucifix and a couple of beads off a rosary.  We didn’t find them and the response was, “c’mon St. Anthony, you are letting me down.”

And that is the problem.  No responsibility for the negligence and incapability that CAUSED the items to be lost.

Instead St. Anthony was blamed for not finding those items.

Sorry St. Anthony.

And thank you God for your mercy.




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