Handling demons

We have a neighbor from hell. 

Not exaggerating. He is a bully-mean, annoying, nasty, cruel. 3 families have moved away because of him. He sits on his porch and yells insults at us, emits high-pitched whistles as we drive by, and runs his lawn mower at 7am on Saturdays, just to name a few. 

We have tried different tactics:  being kind and negotiating with him, yelling back, reporting him to the sheriff multiple times and ignoring him. I get the feeling he has had some difficulty in his life, however that doesn’t make it ok for him to moo like a cow at me and fling other insults our way. 

He is literally screaming for people to pay attention to him. The sad thing is, we live on a great block and if he wasn’t such a jerk, he would have a lot of friends. 

And we actually were friends when we first moved in. Until we didn’t allow him to lay in our yard in his camo and use his night vision goggles to catch speeders on our block. Then the claws came out as evidenced by the pumpkin bread launched into our yard on December 25th a couple of years ago that I had given him that Christmas Eve. 

Tom and I have talked at length how to handle him. I do feel sorry for him but yesterday after he was mocking my husband at 6am while on his morning dog walk I had to face the fact that he is sick and evil. Plain and simple. He is like the devil incarnate. And the best way to handle him is not to fuel his temper as he is always looking for a fight. If we do not acknowledge him, we aren’t stoking the flame. And unfortunately, it is just not possible to talk with him as he cannot carry on a logical conversation. 

And I believe that is how I should handle our other demons that I cannot control. Be aware that they are there but don’t fuel them. Don’t try to rationalize or give them any of my attention.  Ignore the badgering, pray for strength and clarity. Counter the rhetoric so nothing negative “sticks” and go about my business. 

It’s actually quite empowering. 


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