About Vicki

VICKI TOM FINALS JAN 2013-0916This multi-talented lady is a inspiring author, speaker, motivator, organizer, planner,  as well as gifted seamstress and gardener.  However, wife, mother and daughter of God are the titles most cherished to Vicki.  Her passion is to help people connect with their Creator so they can live the life of sheer goodness that God has planned for them.

The healing she has experienced from the trauma and trials in her life led her to start writing. Knowing and experiencing first hand that there can sometimes be a difference between belief and truth, she is keenly aware that we can believe things about ourselves and situations that we are in that aren’t necessarily true and we need to be close to the Source of Truth for our hope and healing.

This message, told in her book “Out of the River,” resonated with so many that Vicki worked with a counselor friend to create a companion journal called “Getting out of the River”  helping to identify and be released from toxic situations, beliefs or behaviors.

Her desire to bring hope to a hurting world has also manifested in her Stations of Hope, for which she was granted a nihil obstat and imprimatur, a formal declaration stating her work is free from doctrinal and moral error.  Her version of the stations of the cross has a version for Adults and Children and is available in six languages.  She also created a Lenten Activity Book for homeschoolers, day schools or R.E. classroom use with fun daily activities to help preschoolers through 8th graders stay focused and engaged from Ash Wednesday through Easter Sunday.

She and her husband Tom have written “The Marriage Alphabet- Essential Elements Necessary for a Thriving Union.” Committed to the covenant they made on their wedding day, they have weathered the little storms that married life can bring.  But they weren’t quite prepared for the whopper that blew their way 17 years into their marriage when repressed memories of Vicki’s past sexual abuse began surfacing.  With their perseverance and faith, what could have destroyed their union, instead made their bond even stronger.  It is their desire to help other couples thrive through whatever storm blows their way and they are sought after presenters to married and engaged couples.

Vicki, her husband Tom have 7 children here and 3 waiting for them in heaven.  Their 4 boys and 3 girls, ranging in age from 25 to 13, live with them or close by, still in the suburbs of Chicago.

She has more books in the works and feels humbled and blessed that her story inspires others.


2 thoughts on “About Vicki

  1. Thanks for the follow on Attention Anonymous and congratulations on your recovery (progress not perfection). You are brave to share your story with others and to take your experience to the next level, beyond coping to changing your perspective and encouraging others to do the same.

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