My husband and I went to see The Shack last night.  I have not read the book.  My husband did and loved it but because of my trauma history we both previously agreed that I probably couldn’t handle it.

Until I learned EFT.  EFT goes by a few names:  Emotional Freedom Technique, Tapping, EFT Tapping.  Basically it calms your body’s emotional response so your brain is literally re-wired so you can think about the same event after tapping and not be triggered anymore.  You gently tap on a few acupressure points as you tune into your body’s emotional response to what you are thinking and as you process it, the amygdala gets the message that it is now safe to think about this and not have a physical reaction.  So our stress level goes down.  We don’t have to be in a constant or frequent state of fight or flight.  Our cortisol levels drop.  We think clearer.  And we can even lose weight.

So I have been trained in EFT and getting further certification.  Having lived in a constant state of stress and hardly recognizing it because it was normal for me, it has allowed me to recognized relaxation and when triggered, given me the means to calm myself down.  And I want to share that self-help tool with anyone who is interested in improving the quality of their life.  Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually.

It is literally life changing.  Tapping and The Shack. (more on The Shack next time)

Autumn is coming 

I love the change in seasons! And I love how my beautiful grasses clearly signal the impending weather changes. What started out as dry stalks cut about 12 inches off the ground have grown over 5 feet tall and now boast amazing delicate tassels that catch the slightest wind movement.

God works like that. He can take something that appears dead and create incredible things. Imagine if the grass tried to grow itself and the speed IT wanted to grow instead of allowing the internal created beauty to manifest. I doubt it would be so magnificent.

So, if grass can do that, perhaps I can breathe and relax and allow my created beauty to manifest. 

And then I too can be magnificent. 

Wanna try that with me?

He is so good for me

I was really struggling today! All stirred up. Trying to get my mental direction and focus. Tried for hours. 

Talked to Tom for 20 minutes after he got home and I was good! 

He is so good for me!

Healing in the palm of my hand

I’ve been working on processing my stress. Some situations in my life exist and I cannot change them so I need to learn to handle it with out it eating me up inside. 

My left hip has need bothering me for the last 3 days. I’ve been doing lots of stretching and massage and natural pain relief creams but as I am laying in bed, I remembered my friend who teaches about the 4 handy rules of the thumb and how by gently touching certain points on my hand, I can relieve discomfort and stress. So I did it and I could feel the pain in my hip literally melt away. 

I wanted to share her website in case you would like to try them for yourself. For whatever circumstances you have. 


Find your place

My husband calls our backyard his “Eden” and he connects with God out there. 

Do you have an Eden?

What is your place?

My reality

I love to check things off the list! Be done with something! Sometimes I even write something done after I did it just so I can check it off!

Anyone else ever do that?!? C’mon… I know someone has. 

Well unfortunately I can never check off is “Done with healing.” As much progress as I think I’ve made, then I have a day like today.

Trying to figure out why I got these hives on my neck and face, ache in my back, sore foot and still triggered by whistling. I have to work on myself ALOT…that is my reality. There are layers of pain, not that I want to dwell on and dig up but that needs to be addressed when it surfaces. And I am pretty sure I’ll be addressing those issues just about every day for the rest of my life. 

But then I started thinking about it- everybody’s got stuff to address in order to improve the quality of their lives. It’s not just my reality- it’s everybody’s reality. 

Do you agree?

Paying Attention

I was driving east this morning and saw a beautiful sky. But the sun was shining through the clouds only at certain times.

I had to be alert to see the beauty. The absolute radiance of the sun’s rays streaming through the billowy white clouds. 

The sun was continually shining whether or not I could see it, it was always there. But even though I had the knowledge of its presence, it was such a treat to witness the beauty. 

And that is how I believe it is with God. He is always there, but sometimes is hidden in “cloudy” circumstances but if we are looking, we can see His radiance shining through. 

He has a plan of sheer goodnes you know. We just have to be paying attention. 

Parameters protect

I am grateful for the parameters that I have to protect my psyche and well-being.  Sometimes others that I associate with are not in a good way and it is necessary to for me to back away to protect the progress that I have made.  I make an effort to help but when that person is not in a place to better themselves or their situation, it is time for me to let them be.  I do not believe that we need to drown because others have chosen not to learn to swim and yet have decided to tread water in the deep end.

Waiting before Working

I love reflections from Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling!  The one from August 29th talked about sitting quietly in His presence.

Just being.

Just listening.

She writes that “this act of faith-waiting before working- is noted in the spirit world, where your demonstration of trust weakens principalities and powers of darkness.”

Holy cow.

So my just ‘being’ gets results.

She ends with “As you look to me for guidance, I enable you to do less but accomplish more.”

Holy Cow.

Thanks God!

Keep your light lit

I listened to the story of a friend who was in Thailand attending a Buddist cermony.  She was antsy and her native friend told her they would eat after she went around the building three times with her lit candle.  Trying to rush through the process as she listened to her growling stomach, her candle repeatedly went out as her frustration went up.

Her friends gently explained to her that in her rushing to be done, she missed her opportunity to slow down and rejuvenate her spirit.

We must all watch for burnout!


I wish to walk slowly so my light stays lit.

How about you?  How fast are you moving?