An expert Linguist

God has an amazing ability to speak to me in just the language I understand. I know our WeightLoss program is divinely inspired as it is paralleling other aspects of my life. Finances for example. My husband and I have been in Phase 1 (financially speaking) for 23 1/2 years. We have just moved into Phase 2. Just like in our diet program, it can be freaky when thinking about being in Phase 2 with so many choices, finding security in the defined structure of Phase 1. Well, for 23 1/2 years we have had the defined structure of not being able to spend anything on anything- just being in survival mode- clawing our way out of the Pit (see previous post). Now that we have money coming in regularly we have to make choices. And it is a little scary. We don’t want to be irresponsible (gain more than 2 pounds) but definitely have issues, some long overdue, that need to be taken care of (lose more than 2 pounds). So I can relate to this struggle. And because I have been working on it regarding my eating, I am hoping that I can apply the same principles to our financial diet. Phase 2 eating is truly the ideal way to eat. Phase 3 eating where no foods are off limits should ideally consist of Phase 2 foods and occasional treats of sugar and starches. My ultimate goal is moving from Phase 2 financials into Phase 3 financials where anything is fair game, but we spending with a Phase 2 financial mentality. Day by day. I am a work in progress. So glad my Teacher speaks my dialect perfectly.

Pendulum Swing

I discovered a correlation of my finances and food. I’ve been doing a bit of a pendulum swing where I am ultra-disciplined in Phase 1 and if I cheat, like on Superbowl Sunday- I treat it like a load day! So I have been either incredibly rigid or splurging. And I thought about our financial situation. We hold our breathes and stretch every dime to its limits, then get a gift or extra income, take a deep breathe and treat ourselves to something for a break. It is exhausting. We are so praying for the blessing of TeamDau Wellness to finally be the opportunity to get us on steady ground- I can’t handle the Summerfest 1001 Nachts ride back and forth and back and forth. I guess I have to trust that the Lord sees the whole picture and is orchestrating the best plan. If I just “be” and not try to pump the swing, the pendulum can rest, and so can I.