Boresha is da bomb!

We have already had a great interest in the Boresha products that we introduced last week.  If you missed those articles,  Here is ONE about using Boresha products in Phase One and Here is the OTHER article about incorporating them after Phase One.  We have been learning from one of the board members of Boresha who just happens to be basically in charge of training for ALL of major league baseball.  This company is amazing and we are so excited to be incorporating them into our battle against obesity.  This is yet another tool for your arsenal to burn the fat.  Burn the abnormal fat.  And enjoy the deliciousness while doing it.  If you would like to check out more details about Boresha, visit the website or give us a call.  630-745-1120.  We are actually in the process of revamping our website and will have more information and directs links there as well. But it all takes time.  So I am putting on Stress Away, taking my Life 5 and smiling!

Tom and Vicki Dau are the founders of TeamDau Wellness in business of “Busting the Barriers to Release your Potential.” 

Barriers may be manifesting as stress, weight gain, lack of quality sleep, low energy or pain.  Visit their Website or Contact them for more information.  630-745-1120

Speed Eating

Busy, busy, busy.  On the go.  Squeeze one more thing in.  Oh, shoot, I need to eat first, or I haven’t all day and I am starving but don’t have the time to sit down and eat.  Grab and go.  Shove it in, shove it down.  Did I even taste a bite of it?  I read a part of a book once, “The Slow Down Diet.”  The concepts made sense, but I didn’t finish the book and implement the ideas ’cause I didn’t have the time…

Shoveling the food down not only denies us the sensual pleasure of the tastes and textures of the food we are eating, but prevents us from digesting our food properly, if we have chewed it into halfway digestible pieces to begin with.  Poorly digested food manifests into bad bacteria in our gut and can lead to inflammation and disease.  It is kept at bay by good bacteria.  If it is not, it can cause stomach ulcers, gastric cancer, candida, hormone disruption, chronic fatigue, gastro-intestinal issues like constipation and diarrhea.  A certain virus in our gut has even been linked to obesity, turning normal cells into fat cells.   Like we need anymore of those to be multiplying.  Negative bacteria has long-term consequences and proper microbial balance is imperative.  Enter Young Living’s Life 5 Probiotic. It contains 5 of the most health-promoting and viable probiotic strains ever combined in a single capsule.  Three are considered “super strains” for their ability to not only adhere and out colonize harmful bacteria in the intestines, but to also promote and improve the stickiness of other friendly bacteria as well.  These “super strains” boost immunity, improve nutrient absorption and relieve bowel distress.  It is even safe for kids and proven that giving probiotic bacteria to children may actually help “prevent allergic disease.”    So, slow it down, chew it up and take a Life 5 before you go to bed.

Remedy for Speed Eating

Tom and Vicki Dau are the founders of TeamDau Wellness, partners on the journey to optimal health.  Their family of 9 has been antibiotic free for 23 years and they collectively have dropped 240 pounds last year.  They wish to help you improve the quality of live especially in the areas of low energy, lack of quality sleep, pain or weight gain. Consider them “wellness brokers”  offering personalized protocols and support on the journey to optimal health.

Visit their Website or Contact them for more information.  630-745-1120