Too hot or too cold to snooze?

Getting a good night’s sleep is imperative for us to be able to function well the next day.  Maybe we go to bed too late… or we are laying in bed for hours but don’t have good sleeping cycles and we wake up too many times and cannot get back to sleep… or our brain is going crazy… or the room is too cold or too warm.  Well, now there is something to ponder.  Is there a optimal sleeping temperature?

Yes, according to an Article by WebMD.  When we go to bed, our body’s internal thermostat, our body’s set point, goes down and if the room is too cold or too hot, our body struggles to achieve the set point and we struggle sleeping.  Between 65 and 72 degrees is the recommended temperature.  Too warm and your body cannot regulate to a cooler temperature and too cold may save on energy bills, but you may be so crabby that won’t matter much.

My family were overnight guests in the basement of a family members’ home and we were freezing…like shivering under multiple blankets. None of us slept well that night.  On the reverse, we have lost power in the sweltering summer heat and laying in bed, hour after hour, with no fan, no air conditioning, just sweat.

So figure out what is the best temperature for you. We are good with 65 degrees, but sometimes the kids complain that it is too cold.  I guess I need to remember our chilly night and perhaps strike a happy medium.  Shivering kept to a minimum and snuggling to the max.  Sweet dreams.

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Eight is the optimum

Kids?  Glasses of water?  How about hours of rest EACH NIGHT- not per week!  Do you know how important sleep is?  Experts agree that we need a minimum of 6 hours a night, with 8-10 hours being optimum.  Just how important is sleep?  and what are the effects of losing it?  Check out the article  from the American Psychological Association of Why Sleep is Important.

We are so very grateful for the plethora, you like that word, plethora?  We are so very grateful for the plethora of resources at our fingertips to combat our lack of quality sleep.

  • My favorite Young Living Essential Oil is Peace & Calming.   I put a drop on the bottoms of my feet and even on my chest or ears every night.  LOVE the blend of orange, tangerine, patchouli and ylang ylang and blue tansy
  • If my brain won’t shut down, I rub Tranquil Roll-on right on my temples.  If I run it down my jaw as well, I get the added benefit of not clenching my teeth in the night- Double bonus!
  • We keep our cell phones and any electronic equipment, except our clock radio, out of our bedroom.  The electromagnetic energy that is emitted from those devices has a negative effect on our systems and to be exposed to that all night long is not a good idea.
  • Releasing 90 lbs for me and 49 for Tom

    Releasing 49 pounds

    accounts for less snoring and better night’s sleep that is for sure.

  • Can’t wait to get the Nikken sleep system.Plan to start out with the eye mask  but then we want to invest in the mattress topper, pillows and comforters. I got a 5 minute Japanese energy treatment which mimics the effects of a full night’s sleep on the sleep system and felt the positive effects on my body for 2 days following the brief treatment!!

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