This too shall pass

I was driving east yesterday morning as the multi-layered clouds illustrated life to me.


There was  wispy grayness overshadowing the typically bright white cotton-balled sky.  However, as the looked, and the dreary-ness  floated past, I saw that white billowy layer higher up reflecting the sun.

It made me think of how life is.  Even when things are tough, the grayness is just passing by and if I can focus on the grounded love of God’s plan of sheer goodness for me, I will soon see the sun.  I need to stand confident and grounded in the truth that bright light of God’s love exists even if i cannot “see” it that second.  The truth is that it is there.  Just temporarily shielded.

And that too shall pass.

His haven

How inviting is this? Our decision to not watch any NFL football games has opened up our Sundays and Mondays and Thursdays so we are choosing more relaxing activities. Join us? 

It’s Different

My reflections today spoke of allowing God to have his way in my life.  And thankfully because of all the new grooves that I have dug in my brain, I can understand that God having his way in my life IS NOT THE SAME as the men who “had their way with me.”

It’s not the same.

It’s safe to allow the Lord to be Lord of my life.

I don’t have to be in control of everything.

I can trust God and his plan of sheer goodness for me!

That’s different for me and that’s GOOD!


I want that bumper sticker

My husband has been expressing his gratefulness regarding my recent blog posts. Then he texted me this today- right in front of him on his way to his job. I got to find that. 

Anybody else interested in putting that on their car? 

He is so good for me

I was really struggling today! All stirred up. Trying to get my mental direction and focus. Tried for hours. 

Talked to Tom for 20 minutes after he got home and I was good! 

He is so good for me!

Overweight means insecure?

I love Karol Truman’s book “Feelings Buried Alive Never Die.”  If you haven’t read it, she suggests that most of the physical ailments we have are a manifestation of the emotional pain that we have buried.  Since I pretty much ate my way through this past Christmas, I would like to highlight the condition of Overweight.

She suggests that being overweight may indicate feelings of insecurity, feelings of self-rejection, wanting to protect the body, seeking love and fulfillment, attempting to fulfill the self, feelings are being stuffed inside, unexpressed, mis-perceived and inappropriate feelings.  Well, some of those sure resonate with me.  Anyone else?  Since I was sexually abused as child during the Christmas season, I am thinking that is why I engorged myself this past yule. And the results of that binge are nasty considering I am co-founder of a wellness company that promotes an amazing Weight Release Program.  I should walk the walk, right?  Well, I am all the about “WHY” and I want to make my weight release permanent.  My goal is to have food be my fuel, not my tool.


So I need to dig deeper.  And if you know anything about digging deep, sometimes, it is shitting and smelly.  Well I am done burying the pain.  Step by step, bite by bite, I long for an “effort free Phase 3.”  ( For those not familiar with our program, Phase 3 is regular eating, limited sugars and starches, nothing off limits, but when hungry and in moderation.)  The good news is even though some times are dark and difficult, I can always get up and move forward.

Have you had an experience of digger deeper to get to the cause?


Silent Islands

So many hurting people out there. And only a few talking- verbally anyway.

But I think the pain speaks volumes in our physical body.

I am thanking God for the healing that I have had and all the different things that I have felt and the skills of observation and knowledge that I feel He has blessed me with that is now helping the “Silent Islands” I am meeting every single week. Abused, defeated, self-punishing creations that need our Message of Hope. It is a tough journey though, but well worth it. Uncovering all the lies that are causing sickness and pain leads to freedom and healing.

I am praying the hurting souls will open their mouths and discover they are not the only one out there in the ocean of life. Each island is less that an arms length away. Imagine the land mass if we all could muster the strength to look up and reach out.


“Poor in Spirit” isn’t referring to my bank account

Fr. Dennis confirmed what Jeff Cavins had taught in our Bible Study of the Book of Matthempty-handsew: Being poor in spirit is the foundation for the other Beatitudes. It calls for humility. We have to admit that we are nothing without God. I finally understand that. So I question myself: Am I poor in spirit? What does that mean to be humble? I struggle with some that I see who seem to have false humility, but then, who am I to judge their hearts? I guess that means I am still have work to do on myself.

Being a victim of sexual abuse, I have needed to be in control as much of it had been taken from me most of my life. So this surrender to God means I have to trust him, right? It has taken a long time for me to do that.

Do you trust God?

James, temptation, food

We are studying the book of James and author Jeff Cavins had some interesting insights that I felt could relate to my struggle with food.  James tells us that temptation comes from within.  God doesn’t tempt us.  The source of our temptation comes from our own desires.  We need to interrupt temptation with wisdom.  We need to pursue Him when we are tempted and flee from the temptation.  The nature of sin is that it appears like something good.  And if we are not careful, we end up choosing the “natural” and forfeiting the supernatural.  For example, our desire may be to fit in, so we maybe we end up making fun of someone so we can belong to “the” group, instead of resisting the temptation to gossip and moving beyond that and growing closer to the One who can be with us that we never feel alone.    We chose things that lead to comfort but those things  may not be the best way to fulfill our desire.  St. Augustine wrote that we want something good but sometimes we go about it all wrong. If we don’t resist temptation, we can become addicted to the easy comfort, bad habits form, we start seeing evil as good, rationalize.

That’s where God and His mercy comes into play.  In the midst of our sin, or even addictions at times, He loves us so much that He won’t let us continue that way.  Things may happen that cause us to look at what we have created and change our focus to the Creator.

So the next time we struggle with temptation, ask:  “What is the natural good that I am looking for in these things?”

Sometimes it is necessary to sacrifice the natural for the supernatural. But be assured that Divine Power gushes forth in our weakness.

And another cool things is that in the suffering of the sacrifice, God can redeem it, as we can assign the sufferings of the sacrifice to a cause.

So that brings me to my temptation with food.  My addiction to food?

What is the natural good that I am looking for in food?  The answers vary.  Sometimes I want to just relax- sit down and EAT.   Sometimes I want to escape, numb the pain of the my heart.  EAT and not think.  Food is my easy, natural answer.  What is my supernatural answer?  If I want to relax, I could sit without music, TV, both feet on the floor, meditate, pray, journal, take a cat nap.  Supernatural choices.  If I want to numb the pain in my heart, I could use my YL oils, I could read the bible, pray, journal, cry, actually cry.  Hmmm.  Lots of choices.  And each time His mercy is ready and waiting.  Wow.  Now that’s Supernatural for you.  Worth the sacrifice.

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Just Breathe

That is a quote from what movie?  “Ever After.”  (My family plays that game all the time.)

Quote from a movie, but a great tip to remember when we are under stress.  We tend to hold our breath when we are under stress.  So remember to breathe.  Just Breathe.  Here is a resource that has a great technique.  Another site offers additional insight and suggestions.  A great idea to practice this time of year.  Or every day of any time of year.  Just Breathe.  I just may have to watch that now today…and breathe.